Issue Mapping

One of the most important aspects of facilitation is managing the issues coming into, developed within, and being produced from structured facilitation sessions. Whether in list form or expressed graphically, “managing” issues is key to the performance of a facilitator.

Seeking Common Ground

We know that participants in a facilitation session (whether as analysts, decision-makers, learners, or subject matter experts) are seeking common ground. We also know that each participant is most effective receiving and processing information in a particular form, usually as text/data or graphically.

Discovering Relationships

For those that favor the graphic approach to issue management, “issue mapping” is a useful tool for capturing, retaining, and expressing issues and their relationship.

The facilitator serves a critical role in guiding a group to discover and connect issues. Continue Reading

The Team Wiki

Modern facilitation can make the most of modern tools. Are you modern?

A Simple, One File Website

There are many challenges in facilitation. One challenge is keeping all core and extended team members up-to-date with the issues, schedules, and progress of the team. Creating a website is beyond the skill of many of us. It is easy to get bogged down in the details of web hosting, HTML, databases, and backups.

TiddlyWiki to the rescue!


TiddlyWiki is a “personal” blog application, intended to be a web-based personal notebook. It is a self-contained application with built-in web formatting, styles, and website-type functions (to geeks: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code) — all as a SINGLE file.

TiddlyWiki was created for IT projects, as a simple, light-weight, portable (it can be loaded onto a thumb drive or emailed) “to do” list.

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Teleconference First Impressions

First impressions are everything. And, meeting starts are everything else.

First Impressions

Have you ever been self-conscious about how you started your teleconference? Have you practiced your introduction to achieve maximum impact? Have you wondered whether you could (or could have been) more effective had you included one special comment, or could avoid saying that one comment?

With teleconference technology, you can pre-record your introduction and deliver it flawlessly.

Sensory Overload – The Emotion of the Introduction

One of the challenges that we all face is the abundance of emotion while making introductions. Most of us are listening even while speaking. We are discerning the subtle comments, noises, and reactions while we deliver our best-practiced introductions.

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Putting Your “Phone” To Work

What does your phone have to do with facilitating groups?

Your ‘smart phone,’ such as an iPhone┬«, is a new tool for group facilitation and meetings. Increasingly, our phones are flexible and useful business tools. The iPhone, for example, offers several capabilities to assist your facilitation.

Meeting Notes

PDAs and cameras provide a handy tool for capturing white board contents. When work is completed on a dry-erase board or an easel, a camera expedites note taking.

Phone camera image quality is typically adequate to capture board notes, presentation images, and Post-It® notes.

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The Value of Facilitation Technology

It is inevitable that we apply technology to the art of facilitation. But, as a people process, how can we apply the appropriate (and amount) of technology to our facilitation?

Facilitation technology can enhance the contribution of our groups, and of facilitators. We are increasingly tolerant, if not dependent, upon technology for expression, listening, analysis, storage, and discovery of information. We integrate technology into our decision-making.

It may be that facilitation technology improves, as well as makes more efficient, our thinking (processing). Appropriately used, facilitation technology can retrieve, assemble, transform, present, digest, process, transmit, share, and archive information more efficiently, accurately, and in indigenous form, than ever possible.

There is no question that facilitation technology is increasingly popular.

But, does it make our facilitation better?

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